Molstre Summer Weddings


Sandra and Me on her wedding day

On July 8th my sister Sandra was married. She asked me to make her wedding cake and I agreed. I must preface this by saying, every time I make a cake for an event, I vow to myself that this is the last time. This may be the last time, as I have lost a lot of confidence in myself and may just leave it to other people who can enjoy and excel in this opportunity. Overall, this event was filled with excitement and complete joy as a lot of my family and friends gathered to support a completely joyous person.

In addition to the wedding, Gracia Gilbertson and Lois Forde also hosted an amazing shower for my sister. Combined, they made three different cakes for a light afternoon shower which I know meant a lot to Sandra and all of us.



I have made wedding cakes for only close family or friends of mine. The first wedding cake I made was for a close college friend, Brooke. I literally finished the cake an hour before the wedding while my brother helped deliver the cake to the venue and I still hadn’t showered! I was worried throughout the whole ceremony that the cake would fall over or ripple, but because of the heat, the cake swelled and the fondant looked awesome! I don’t think my friend Brooke ever knew this but now she may… Sometimes things work out perfectly.


The wedding cake for Brooke


With some confidence I decided to make a wedding cake for my brother’s wedding in 2013. This was some feat and I was game. I made a 6 tiered ruffled wedding cake complete with a metal structure to support it. I used over 150 eggs and countless hours to produce this cake. It turned out alright but we were eating cake for weeks! 6 tiers is a lot!


Ruffled Cake for Isaac and Nakayla’s wedding



Coral did nothing for me…


Cutting the cake


Me with my younger sisters Sandra and Abigail at Isaac’s wedding


My brother Isaac and his wife Nakayla


The Party


Nakayla and her Bridesmaids

I was also the Best Man at this wedding, so trying to balance the extra circular activities along with making the cake and helping with the rehearsal dinner was exhausting. It is all worth it for people we love however. One never thinks about how much work it takes when they do things for people they enjoy.

There was also a huge effort in the rehearsal dinner. Everything went beautifully, and even the dessert tarts served at the end.


Fruit Tarts. I guess it’s my go-to dessert. Isaac in the background.


Tart Aux Fruits


In 2015.


Abigail and Peder

My sister Abigail got married last summer and asked me to make a very simple wedding cake for her ‘Rustic’ wedding. I of course said yes. This was the easiest cake I have ever made. Two tiered with no frills – I loved it! I think it only took me two hours to finalize this cake! I had so much going on, I don’t think I had anymore time to spare. Peder’s mother also prepared the most beautiful hand pies that were served in addition to the Kransekake and the wedding cake – There were none left.


Lavender Cake with a Kransekake


I also made all of the food for her wedding (with a lot of help from family and friends). It was beautiful and I wish we could have captured more of the food aspect of the party. Abigail is one of God’s best! Read Gracia’s blog for more of an update.


My father constructed a serving station just for this event. It was so perfect. I made about 10 different small sandwiches and had salads. Light, but it was beautiful and I was very proud of the delivery! I hope that isn’t boastful.


Abigail and Peder



The water feature at the old house


The pond



The Mark Molstre Family


The Siblings


Abigail and Peder in the Dahlias – I miss those!

Now back to the most current wedding. I prepared a pink cake with fondant and expected to have nice sprinkle pearls on the outside, it wasn’t that great. I rolled the fondant two days in advance because I was preparing a rehearsal dinner for the wedding as well. We did a simple barbecue with ribs and brats. For some reason, I have to stay extremely busy with all of these events; I’m always preparing for the next meal. But you know, when family and friends come around, food is kind of a common denominator, or more of a bond. It’s necessary to eat. Let’s sit down, chat, drink a bit and enjoy one another with delicious food. I may not be the most thoughtful person, but I can present a good mechanism for family to come together – Food!


Ribs for a rehearsal dinner.

On the wedding day, the fondant cracked, rolled and folded. I didn’t support the cake correctly and it began to lean! This was all my fault. I actually nearly threw the cake away! We had enough desserts anyway. My mother, and sisters and I all prepared a dessert bar for this wedding. This included a Kransekake, Butter Horns, Krumkake made by Lois, Lemon bars etc. There was a lot of sugar.


Sandra and James Cutting into the cake

With much disappointment, this cake didn’t turn out as planned, but isn’t that life? If everything was perfect how could we learn? If you don’t know my sister Sandra, everything is ‘Perfect!’. I’m just glad that it was at her wedding that I had a major fault. In her eyes, nothing was wrong and everything was the BEST and she only thought about the fact that her favorite brother made her a cake on her special day.



Mother with Sandra


Molstre women and their game faces.


Steve and Sandra

My Father’s brother Steven has always had a spot in his heart for Sandra. We all know she’s his favorite – but can you blame him? His wife Gail and him took photos for the wedding. I think they kept saying it’s hard to do a bad job when you have someone like Sandy to work with.


The Ring Bearer.. Hudson

My Brother’s child was the ring bearer. Obviously, he’s too young to walk so Sandra’s now husband, James, re wired a self propelled car for the wedding. He put a lot of effort into this, but it turned out awesome! My little man, Hudson, was just so interested in the wheels! He made the best ring bearer! He’s my guy!


Brothers and Sandra


Me and Hudson.The ring Bearer

Summer weddings are the best, especially in the Pacific Northwest. I only hope the best for this young couple.




Me and all of my siblings.


Sandra and James Vest

James, Welcome to the family. It’s not perfect, but we’re almost there.

Straighten your bow tie.



2 responses to “Molstre Summer Weddings

  1. This is great! I really enjoyed your best man speech at Isaac’s wedding. Kelly read your blog too and commented that he liked your closing. 😎 Your blog is very fun to read.

  2. Ah Josh, you are the best of brothers. I have no doubt that you brought nothing but joy to Sandra’s wedding, even if the cake did lean a bit. You have a wonderful gift of hospitality that brings everyone together and I am sure that all your family and friends would say that all their events would not be the same without you.

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