Father’s Day 2016

Everyone and their Great Grandmother is posting to social media about their father in honor of today’s holiday. I think I’ll one-up everyone and write a bit more. It’s what I do.



Dad and I. We share a birthday 1 day apart.


Abigail’s Wedding

Happy Father’s day Dad.



All of us children getting together


I once went through a phase in life where I called him “Father”, and one time in the car he asked me why I didn’t just call him ‘Dad’.  Maybe there was some sort of disconnect with our relationship (- I don’t know), but he felt like it should be more casual. He was right, and from then on I called him ‘Dad’ or even sometimes ‘Daddy’. I am a comedian when I want to be.



Family Christmas on the coast

I’m too much like him, but with that, he understands me better than anyone. He gets why I’m upset, he understands my constant creativity, my personal space, intellect, and just who I am. He has told me countless times that he gets me because we’re the same person, but at the same time very different. We both talk to ourselves staring in the window and are somewhat impulsive – always thinking about new possibilities. My late Grandfather Melvin used to say about the bald, “Grass can’t grow on a racetrack”; This  must be the reason my father was bald at 23.


Grandpa Melvin. He was one of God’s Best!


Jessie and me. Why the bucket?

To mention his concrete art, would be too much. I’ll say that his children will know how to mix concrete at a 1:3 ratio and know how much water to add.

Going up everything was creative, and everything was thoughtful and very intentional! He was always thinking of others and how to be a positive light in their world in any way possible. My mother practices the same way of living.


The one thing I respect the most of my father is that he has never, ever spoken illy of someone. I know people talk to him a lot, but that has never transferred that to someone else. Confidence is a respectable quality. He doesn’t have time to talk about other people in a negative light; There is too much to be done.


Dad is always there to help, even with a blow torch…

The best times I’ve had with my father were when we just hung out alone. No agenda. Specifically, my mother was hosting some shower of some kind and we needed to get out of the house. We went to Seattle and dined at a Greek restaurant and saw an indie film on Capitol Hill. It was so memorable to me because we just hung out. Growing up in a family of seven, we didn’t dine out too often (and never individually), but this occasion we ordered a flambé appetizer, an entree and dessert. We had a great conversation as well – it meant a lot to me.



My father took me to my first dog show and we just watched for hours. I’m sure it was painful for him (he couldn’t understand the subjectiveness), but he took the time and let me know he was supportive, even bought me a suit and paid for my dogs. Showing dogs gave me a lot of confidence in life – knowing I was capable of doing things well. This was a milestone in my life.


The guy let me raise chickens, pigs, ducks, sheep, turkeys, 150 tomato plants, bees, and plenty of dogs growing up. He once mentioned getting a cow. – Always supportive of anything that interested me.



So essentially, I know a lot of young fathers and specifically my brother, with the most adorable kid. Spend some time with Him. Give them memories that they  won’t forget – even if it is going out to dinner or something stupid. Always be encouraging – It will shape your child’s life! And to dads – don’t stop being dads, we need you.


Happy Father’s Day Isaac and ‘Dad’.

  • Josh

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  1. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Hey Josh … I just read your post sharing thoughts on our Father Son relationship.    It means a lot to me that you appreciate my (I feel) feeble attempt at being a good Dad. I’m not a natural at it as some are but I do care deeply and love my children.  I pray for you guys and your relationship with Christ.  Again – thanks Josh See you in a couple of weeks Love Dad

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