Literally “Ring Cake” in Norwegian, the Kransekake is in essence a statement of Norwegian culture and heritage. Every time I have made this particular cake, people adore it! Perhaps it’s the simplicity or the presentation, but I think it’s the taste!

The first time I ever made a Kransekake was for a party I hosted in college.  I made the Kransekake and presented it about half way through the party, and when I did, about 15 people erupted singing Norway’s National Anthem. This is not a short song, but I was glad the cake was well received and much appreciated.

Since, I have made Kransekakes for Weddings, Anniversaries or for special family visits. Last year I made a Kransekake on Syttende Mai, Norway’s Constitution day,  to share with my co-workers. Not a soul knew what it was, but were intrigued by it and couldn’t stop eating it. The biscuit like rings are served from the bottom up, and pair excellently with coffee.  The Kransekake is not too sweet, has an excellent Almond base and has a firm but chewy texture. It’s also Gluten-free!

Syttende Mai, Norway’s Constitution Day, is approaching and I’m preparing food for a party on Saturday, hosted right on the route of the Parade in Ballard! The assortment of food would not be complete without one of these!


Classic Kransekake Recipe:

1 lb. Almonds, finely ground

1 lb. Powdered Sugar

4 Egg Whites

Measure and Mix the Ingredients together, I use a food scale to get the correct measurements. The final product should be a very thick, workable, but still a bit sticky. If the almonds are not ground finely enough the mixture will not come together. The mixture should be homogenous and be able to roll out on a counter fairly easily. If it does not, and does not form into a ball,  throw it; You just ruined the batch.

Let it sit over night. This step is crucial, don’t skip it.

Roll out the dough into even logs, about the size of a finger. Place in the molds, or make 18 concentric rings. Bake at 400 F for 10 minutes.


1/2 Egg White

1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar

1/2 tsp. Lemon Juice

Mix together and use in decorating.

Rolling out the Dough into Pencil thick Logs.

Rolling out the Dough into Pencil thick Logs.

Roll out the dough into even logs (size of an average finger), and place in the Kransekake Ring pans. Imagine making 18 concentric rings without the aide of special pans. Precision!

Kransekake 074

These are ready to bake.

These are ready to bake.

Kransekake 111

After 10 minutes. Cool completely.

After 10 minutes. Cool completely.

Assemble the cake with a bit of piped frosting and decorate with Flags. There are special Bon Bons that go on the cake for decoration which include a paper Crown people can wear, but I didn’t have any available.

Finished product.

Finished product.


One response to “Kransekake

  1. Josh is right — you take a nibble and you can’t stop eatting it. I sure hope there are some broken pieces Josh will share with his ‘old man’.

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