The 7 Ducklings


Two weeks ago, I brought home seven Ducklings. Before Spring even hits, there are advertisements promoting spring chicks and poultry and urges me to ponder on how many new birds I need. In the Pacific Northwest keeping backyard chickens and poultry has become more and more trendy and many urban cities allow a homeowner to keep a small number of birds. Each Spring, the local Co-op hosts an event called “Chick Days”. This goes without saying, but I attend every year. They sell a great variety of chicks, ducklings, turkeys and goslings. Because I suffer from a case of impulsivity, I brought my sister with me to avoid going overboard on the chicks and quackers.

I told the person helping us that I wanted 6 ducklings from the “Hatchery Choice” bin. Basically, its a mix of about 7 breeds of ducks, and as ducklings they can look very similar. A Duck Fancier would probably be able to tell exactly what breeds they are, but an average person would only have a good idea. It is only after maturity that their breed is clearly defined. So I had the 6 ducklings, all looked differently and then told her I had to have ONE more. Six just seemed boring to me. I can be a bid odd…

This past weekend, was beautiful and really the first weekend of the year that was meant to be spent outdoors. I took advantage of the weather, and gave the ducklings some swimming lessons! The water was still a bit brisk, so the swimming was kept short and they spent the rest of the day sunbathing.

The duckling swimming

The duckling swimming

This one has had enough of the water...

This one has had enough of the water…

The Seven Ducklings at 3 weeks

The Seven Ducklings at 3 weeks



Meanwhile, the chickens were also enjoying the sun. Chickens love sunbathing, but even more, a Dust Bath! They are really quite entertaining as they get all “ruffled” up.

The girls enjoying Spring!

The girls enjoying Spring!

Lady Grantham supervises the baths.

Lady Grantham supervises the baths.

And then there is this guy...

And then there is this guy…

There is no such thing as an Ugly Duckling.



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