A Baby Shower

A friend of mine hosted a Baby Shower yesterday for a young, first time mother. Hosting a party is a job in itself and delegating different work preparations is almost necessary to ensure guests are welcomed properly. At This party, someone was put charge of games, another took on the decorations, and I was in charge of the food. It was a very well managed party, where everyone enjoyed their time.

I have never been to a Baby Shower before but wanted to serve light, simple yet elegant food. The pictures will explain more than I can with words, but here is the menu I served:

Turkey and Havarti Slider Sandwiches
Prosciutto and Salami Sandwiches
Ham and Brie Slider Sandwiches
Smoked Salmon Canapes
Shrimp Canapes
Fruit Skewers
Vegetable Cups with Spinach Dip
Fruit Tartlets
Cream Wafer Cookies

Baby Shower Menu

The lady in charge of the decorations placed the flowers on the table, and I really liked the small white flowers. I asked her what kind of flowers they were, she said “Oh, you don’t know these, they are called ‘Wax Flowers’… they are kind of Hipster.” I responded, “Well, I’m more ‘Classic’ than Hipster…”. I’m not really sure what to classify them as, but They are pretty.

Baby Shower Sandwiches

The Slider Sandwich Bread was made the morning of the shower to ensure their quality. Everyone knows that homemade bread is exponentially more delicious right out of the oven, so I wanted to bread as fresh as possible. I needed a good bread and a size that was manageable and attractive so I chose a good family recipe I grew up with. They were perfect.


Smoked Salmon and Shrimp Canapes.


The Vegetable cups were filled with a small amount of a Spinach Dip.


Fruit Tartlets with either a Pastry Cream or Lemon Curd filling. These are fairly time consuming to make, but they very delicious and very attractive.


Cream Wafer Sandwich Cookies. They are incredibly easy to make, and were the hit of the party (Besides the baby of course). I was shocked at how many people enjoyed them. I guess they are made with cream and sugar… What’s not to love?


I also had these cookies made and packaged them as Party Favors for the guests. They were quite time consuming, but very cute! Baby Bottles, Umbrella’s and Alphabet Blocks.


Light, Attractive and Satisfying.


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