I have a thing for jars. They have become sort of a trend recently. People have been using mason jars as decor, as glassware and also for food preservation. I like to use them for food preservation, not only because they have the capacity to make food delicious when out of season, but also because they look great on a shelf. I have a friend who trades home canned goods with me. I don’t think we do it intentionally, we just like to show off from time to time. It’s always exciting to get something someone else made, and is proud enough to share it! She, perhaps, enjoys the essence of the jar more  than I. Nearly every time we meet we trade jars with the food we put inside.

Growing up with a Midwestern mother, I would hear memories of “Fruit Rooms” and “Potato Bins”. My mother’s sister, who still lived on an old farmstead in North Dakota, had a working fruit room and potato bin. I found it fascinating.  Essentially, it’s an unheated room in the basement where all of the canned goods are kept. In the Midwest, there is a huge influence of having homemade canned goods. It’s a wonderful practice! Here in the Pacific Northwest, I have never encountered a fruit room, but they are genius… and I want one. 

I journey to thrift stores in search of different jars, people want to get rid of, and have found some treasures. Over the years I have always looked at Weck jars, and wanted them, but they were far too expensive for everyday use. Last week, I saw an online deal for different varieties and snatched them up. I splurged. They are beautiful, and present food adequately. No one ever considers the cost, when much enjoyment is gained from the presentation. 

Today I pickled asparagus, cucumbers and red onions which will make great gifts in the near future. 


In the spring, Asparagus is in season… which is the time to harvest and preserve.


The recipe I used involved lemon, red pepper flakes, and various other spices.




The red onions create a really nice pink hue, and I really want to try them on a dog or with a summer barbecue.



Food is Art.




2 responses to “Jars

  1. Josh,

    I enjoyed your blog about the jars. Actually I am quite taken with jars as well. When I go to estate sales in Sun City West or g-sales, I look for jars that I can put left over food to freeze or just put in the refrigerator. I really don’t like the plastic unless it’s good quality. I have some jars at home (Lake Stevens) that I could give you. I bought them at a g-sale years back because they were different. I hope I still have them…..I have gotten rid of a lot “stuff” since I retired. Just remind me when we get home in May.

    By the way I did my share of canning when Lance & Ryan were young. My aunt who was on the farm ( in Montana) canned a lot and she had “root cellar” where she kept her potatoes, canned deer meat & vegetables…..it was cool & dark in there.

    Be Blessed, Carmen

    Sent from my iPad


  2. You nailed it, food is art, careless consumption is a waste. I’m obsessed with jars, they’re like display cases.

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