Installing the Bees.


I’m a trial and error kind of guy. I try different things, make a lot of errors and learn a lot. This “type” of learning however can be quite expensive and time consuming, however, I enjoy the idea that I know things based on a real experience. These trials and errors usually make for a good story and leave people in awe of how interesting you are.

Last spring I received a gift of a bee hive and a 3 pound package of bees. I watched videos and read articles on beekeeping before I installed the bees but really I didn’t have much of a clue about beekeeping at all. Needless to say the bees didn’t keep, and I was honeyless. In hindsight, there are so many things I should have done differently. I had a marginal location for the hive, the food source was terrible and I was always opening the hive without having a clue what to look for. Amateur.

This winter, I decided to get more bees, but this time I was going to be prepared. I read a couple of books. I learned about hive location, bee behavior and their life cycle, hive management etc. Basically, if you don’t know anything about bees, know this: Bees are quite complex.

While at work, I met a gal who has been keeping bees successfully for a number of years. She has been a source of quality information and encouragement. She has become sort of a bee mentor.


The bees arrived from California last week and after equipping myself with information, new equipment and a mentor I felt ready to keep the bees. I installed two new hives and it went well. The cherry trees were blossoming and the weather was unusually sunny so the bees were buzzing all around.

Hopefully this adventure will prove to have less errors, but they always seem to prevail. After all, I have to learn from something, and reading a book just seems too easy…


One response to “Installing the Bees.

  1. Love that adventuresome spirit, Josh….. So much like your dad!! I love that you love learning….. Love you much! Gma

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