Starting from Seed

In the Pacific Northwest, the growing season is pretty short. So, if you would like to eat a homegrown tomato, one must start early. This is why I have already started a few herbs and vegetables and flowers. As of today, I have started 40 Leek, 80 Lavender, 20 Oregano, 20 Chives, 40 Brussels Sprouts, 40 Tomato and 120 Impatiens plants. I plan on doing more tomato plants, but I ran out of space for the time being.


Meanwhile, the Pigs are growing. They are enclosed in their area with an electric fence and digging away. They seem quite happy and always run to greet me. Obviously, they are aware I’m bringing the food.





The Chickens are laying many eggs and they are very pretty. I would like to get a few other chickens to lay different colors, but I will have to wait for now. I have enough going on. When I was tilling some soil this weekend, the chickens found the fresh dirt prime for their scratching and pecking for worms… They are pretty impressive to watch as they snag each worm from the ground.



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