Herding Chickens

Ever tried herding chickens? You know, get the chickens to go where you want them to go in a certain amount of time. I like to let the chickens out of their designated area so they can do their scratch and peck thing  in the yard, but I also like to keep them out of the flower beds and away from the house so their “by-product” doesn’t linger.


Well let me tell you, there is a reason they call dogs that heard things “sheep dogs” or “cattle dogs”. I’ve never heard of a “chicken dog” before…. Most likely because the dog would get so fed up with the chicken, and find that killing the chicken would be easier than herding it.  Chickens have a mind of their own, and outside of the pecking order there really is no order, and they end up going everywhere. This is the reason it is nearly impossible to “herd” chickens on your own. However, If you want a good cardio workout, get some chickens… Forget paying for a membership at a gym, I will even pay you up to 25 cents if you want to come and herd the chickens for me. It’s a win – win…



I have given up trying to get them back into their pen, but I  do know that when night falls or if it starts raining heavily, they will roost in the hen house and then I can lock them up. But until, then I must chicken-sit.


Thankfully, I have other things I can do while I keep an eye out for them and their safety.  So I decided to put in the forty Strawberry roots I purchased. They were quite easy to do, and I hope they spread vastly. This will be my first time growing strawberries.


And I also put in 16 crowns of Asparagus. I bought two year old roots, so I’m excited to get some spears either this season or next. They are fairly deep rooting, so I had to dig quite the ditch for them this afternoon.


Luckily, I got my planting done before it started to heavily rain, which of course caused the chickens to coop up! The day outside ended rather nicely.

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