The Pigs

I decided to raise some pigs. I found a nice farm lady who sold me three little piglets. I have no experience raising pigs, however, the way I see things is that people have been raising pigs for thousands of years successfully. How hard could it be? I also have the internet as a reference if needed. Perhaps I am stupid, neglecting the exact science and optimum method to raising pigs, but that is my logic. I want to know what the benefits of raising pork yourself. How will it compare in taste? Cost? Energy? I have started making notes about the experience and will keep doing so to make my final conclusions about this experience/ experiment.


For now, I am simply enjoying the pigs and all of the things that come with them… and out of them. I’m feeding a pellet pig feed produced by a local feed store. I like that it is local, and the people I have talked to in the area raising pigs seem to like the feed.  We’ll keep in touch..


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