Pickled Beets

I grew quite a few beets this year and still have some in the ground. It was quite fascinating how resilient these roots are. After I tilled and planted my garden, random beets started to pop up because apparently someone didn’t pick all of the beets last season. The beets were really ugly after regrowing from the hacked pieces the rototiller left, but they were still edible and delicious.

Earlier this summer I was fumbling through my Great Grandmother’s canning recipes and found this: “Pickled Beets”. I decided that I had to try it out. I have to admit, I haven’t eaten many pickled beets and the ones I have had were so loaded with cinnamon that they were hardly edible, and then there was another homemade pickled beet I tried that was flavored with this candy called “Red Hots”. The flavor was interesting and distinct, but not for me.

This recipe involves a few spices that kind of reminded me of the Christmas season… Cloves, Cinnamon and Allspice. It is a sweet recipe, which of course can be taken in more than one way.

Here it is:

Pickled Beets

Cook Beets until tender and slip off skins. And then cover with this Pickling Syrup.

4 cups Sugar
2 cups Vinegar
2 cups water
1 T. cinnamon
1 tsp. ground cloves
1 tsp. allspice
1 Lemon thinly sliced

Bring mixture to a good boil and add the beets, place into clean jars and seal.

Here they are with the skins removed and ready to be sliced. It only took about 7-8 minutes for the skins to be easily removed. I just used the back of a small knife.

After the syrup came to a boil I added the sliced beets. I sliced mine fairly thinly, however, I could have made the pickled beets into chunky cubes… that wouldn’t have been such a bad idea.

I packed the jars first with the beets and then added the rest of the syrup over the top and then sealed the jars. It really was simple.

Oh, And you hands will turn pink… along with other things you may notice after ingesting these roots. There is a reason people have used beets as a natural dye!

2 responses to “Pickled Beets

  1. I remember enjoying these pickled beets that Mother made every year! Just have never tasted an equal to this great recipe! They will be even better in a month or two…. When I retire I am going to come up and help you with your harvest….. You continue to surprise me with your eclectic talents, my dear!

  2. Yum! I love picked beets but have never had flavored ones – like with cinnamon and lemons. I love the pretty color that beets produce too. You’re amazing Josh. Connie

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