Harvesting Thyme

Thyme is my favorite herb by far. I like it in soups, quiche or on chicken or different vegetables. So I went out to harvest the small leaves yesterday with the intent of drying them for storage.

Growing Thyme is fairly easy but can take some time to develop if starting from seed. Thyme grows well in full or partial sun and really doesn’t require much maintenance. Thyme even grows well indoors, I used to grow it in my college apartment and clip it when I needed it.

The nice thing about this bush is that it can really be harvested at any time throughout the year. As long as you don’t hack the plant to death, it will regrow.

Harvesting: Usually the leaves are harvested in the morning when it is still rather cool, that way most of the oils and concentrated flavor are left in the leaves themselves. I don’t cut the more wood like stem, but the newer growth as it creates a bushier plant that still has a nice base. Its the same method when pruning sweet peas or petunias.

Drying: Some people prefer to pluck all of the small leaves from the stems, but I prefer to hang the leaves on the stem to dry. I think they are easier to remove and they create a rustic feel in the kitchen or wherever you hang your herbs. If you would like a more simple/ less attractive approach… throw them in a brown paper bag and leave them until they have dried.

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